DGZ Capital establishment DeFi fund

2021-04-11 比特神州 1998浏览

According to official sources, DGZ Capital announced the establishment of a US$10 million DeFi special fund which is focusing on investment incubation in DeFi field. It is reported that this venture capital fund is supported by high-net-worth individuals in the traditional financial sector and family businesses from Singapore, and will empower the technological development of the blockchain industry, especially innovative projects in the DeFi field.

DGZ Capital will provide a full range of entrepreneurial support including start-up capital, entrepreneurial guidance, technical support and resource assistance for the invested projects. At present, more than 30 blockchain projects are under negotiation, covering various sectors such as lending, synthetic assets, Layer 2 and financial derivatives.

DeFi, as an important track in the blockchain field, has ushered in an explosion since 2020. We are very optimistic about the future prospects of this field. we hope to find unicorn projects in the blockchain field that with a disruptive impact on traditional finance and the Internet in the next three to five years. DGZ Capital team said.

DGZ Capital, as an investment institution that paid close attention to the blockchain field in 2015, has already deployed Bitcoin mining business as early as entering the blockchain field, and currently controls more than 50,000 Bitcoin and Ethereum mining machines in the mining sector. Its investment companies covering trading platforms, medias, project parties, quantitative funds and other sectors. It can empower entrepreneurs with its mature and powerful ecology, solve a series of problems in the early stage of the project, and maximize value and efficiency.